Healthcare workers as well as their patients operate in a state of unsure contamination via dozens of common personal and work-related items that cannot be wiped down or otherwise treated to assure confidence. Hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of dollars are lost each year due to cross-contamination or Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI). In addition, pandemic viruses (such as COVID-19) have been more frequent.  Thus, healthcare and long term care institutions and higher risk operating environments require new tools that support infectious disease prevention. The PURitALL is a valuable addition in this important fight.


People carry pathogens into sensitive environments and the invisible enemy eventually touches every surface and item. It is a statistical certainty that a majority of everyday personal items and healthcare supplies and equipment will carry pathogens to the next customer or worker. These common items cannot be wiped effectively with disinfectant due to their surface or shape. This void is a natural opportunity for PURitALL.